KRock FIT Beginning May 24

Introducing KRock FIT a fun and exciting Outdoor Bootcamp class that works your entire body!  Enjoy this all-in-one workout personally designed by Kristin.  Work all major muscle groups, cardio, balance, flexibility and agility through body weight exercises and equipment.  Different formats each week keep you motivated and engaged:  partner workouts, team exercises and circuit training. All levels welcome, but come ready to work!

When:  Tuesday and Thursday
Time:  6:00am, 9:00am and 6:45pm

Free classes on Tuesday, May 24 and Thursday, May 26

Cost for Solebury Club members:  1 class $15, 5pk $60, 10pk $99, 20pk $175
Cost for Solebury Club non-members:  1 class $20, 5pk $75, 10pk $125, 20pk $199

Meet Kristin (KRock) Harris.  Kristin is excited to bring her classes and fitness business, KRock Fitness, LLC to the Solebury Club.  Kristin has a BA in Theater and Dance/Performance, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, and holds several other fitness certifications including TRX, Spinning, Zumba and Mossa Group Groove.  After working in gyms and studios for the past 10 years, Kristin decided to follow her dream and open her own fitness business in January 2016.  She looks forward to having you in class and allowing her to share her passion of fitness with you to help you achieve your goals while having fun!


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