Vinyasa Pose of the Month – Bird of Paradise


Yoga Pose

Our pose of the month is Svarga Dvijasana, or Bird of Paradise. Dvija means “twice born” and Svarga means “paradise” or “heaven.”   From Yoga Journal:  “The aim of this asana is to experience the depth of paradise and renewal within the body by emulating the shape of a tropical flower, the Bird of Paradise. (Birds also embody renewal, as they are essentially born twice, first as an egg and second as a bird.) Few asanas re-create such a beautiful, natural image. As your body unfolds in this demanding balance, your extended leg creates a powerful, energizing spark that keeps you lifted. The pose requires integrity of form and strength, while opening you up to vulnerability, like a flower.”

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  To get started on this pose we will work on opening the hips in poses like Lizard lunge, opening the shoulders with the arms wrapped behind the back in Yoga Mudra, and stretching the hamstrings in poses like Triangle and Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose II.

Ready?!  I’ll see you in class!  Karin


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