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10 reasons to SPIN into the New Year

You have set your new year’s resolutions right. Want to lose weight, gain energy and be stronger. But how do you get there? Have you ever thought of incorporating Spinning into your workout routine? I know most of you love hopping on your bicycle when it’s nice outside, pedaling from one place to another and getting in some good exercise or you go to the GYM on the floor and do elliptical for 30 minutes or so and call it your cardio for the day. The thought of sitting on a stationary bike and sweating in a dark room for 45-minutes baffles you. What enjoyment could you possibly get out of that? And isn’t it kind of girly? Don’t be so quick to turn your nose up at Spinning® class.

I actually wasn’t fond of Spinning® myself when I started back in 2013, because I had heard wrong reviews about the class.  It all changed when I went on vacation to Hawaii and tried a Spinning class at the resort, since I loved group exercise classes and that is what the resort was offering I decided to attend. Boy Oh Boy I fell in love with the class an hour later and attended spinning every single day during my vacation, I just couldn’t get enough of it. As I got accustomed to the training I realized it not only was a good cardio activity but it also gave significant muscle definition to my legs and that got me hooked.

From the instructors to the music to the constant change in lighting, good spin classes never seem to have a dull moment. The best comment from a class participant has been “I came tired, and left alive”. You’re going to come and have an instructor who’s giving 120 percent and that’s contagious.

1. Fast calorie burn:

A 45 minute Spinning® Class can burn on average 500 calories. I have had participants in my 60 minute class burn as much as 850 calories, even at challenging levels other cardio equipment couldn’t burn that many calories in such a short time.

2. Cardiovascular endurance:

If you opt for regular spinning classes, you will build increased cardio endurance. This is beneficial, especially if you feel weaker and start panting even after an insignificant effort, such as climbing a flight of stairs. Interval training in a Spin class is anaerobic exercise, pulling energy from reserves and building up muscular endurance over an extended period of time. However it also comes with aerobic benefits. Spinning® Classes include both endurance and cardiovascular training. Heart health is an obvious benefit, as is lung capacity.

3. Follow your Pace:

If someone prefers to pedal a little slower they can’t fall behind the rest of the Class, and they won’t feel out of place for not knowing an Aerobics or Step Routine. No one knows what level anyone else is working at, and they are free to progress at their own pace.

4.  Quick Workout:

Whenever I have asked someone especially men to come try my class, they are worried that spinning class will be boring and too long. In truth though in a Spinning Class, the challenge is constantly changing. As you work through each level you tend to lose track of time. Using language and visualization techniques, and captivating music Spinning® Instructors can create positive mental distraction and time passes like seconds.

5. Reduced Risk of Injury:

While running and jogging may present a high risk of injury, a spinning class is less likely to cause any injuries. However, it’s recommended to stretch prior to the class, so that you don’t pull any muscles.Spinning keeps the pressure off your knees and feet. You are able to work out hard on a Spinner® Bike without hurting your knees and feet. It is also a good workout for those who cannot use the treadmill or elliptical because of arthritis.

6. Defined Leg Muscles

It will not take long for your efforts on a Spinner bike to show up as weight loss, but there is another great benefit to Spinning. Spinning uses large muscle groups in your legs. It does not take long before your thighs, hamstrings, and calves begin to take shape. Three Spinning Classes a week will make a difference in the shapely appearance of your legs.

7. Raising Threshold level and increased energy

Your workout threshold level gets higher so that you can work longer at a harder effort level. The benefit is that once you reach a breaking point and work through it, you get the natural endorphin kick that most athletes enjoy. You feel better throughout the day following a Spinning Class and you have more energy. You are simply training your body to work more efficiently.

8. Great Core workout

I know you are thinking WHAT??? THAT’S NOT RIGHT. But no my friends it is. In addition to the major leg muscles worked during a Spinning® Class, the abdominal muscles get a workout, as well. When you are out of the saddle you get an upper body rhythm going that helps you with the legs movement. The movement from a slightly bent position and side to side works both the central abdominal muscles and those along the side of your abdomens. This is a technique known as rhythm release. You may not see immediate results of your abdominal work, but over time you will feel your entire body begin to tone up, including your abdominal.

9. Energy of a pack

It is amazing how you can feed off the energy of other riders when you begin to fatigue and start thinking you might want to quit. Working together, everyone who rides can reach their goals. You also get a chance to socialize at the end and beginning of the class, some of the best friends I know are from my spinning classes.

10. Build Your Mental Strength

Any type of exercise is known to relieve stress. However, a spinning class can be a more efficient stress reliever than most types of exercise. This is due to the fact that the workout is intensive and it is a class where you can meet people and socialize that’s how Spinning builds mental strength. The important thing in the Spinning class is that you carry through with your routine. Push through difficult times, work up the hill climbs and ride through the endurance training. Self-discipline of the mind gained from Spinning can be applied to all areas of life. It is most beneficial in areas of self-control and confidence. Spinning really does help to develop a positive, “can do” attitude.

Choosing to ride doesn’t mean giving up all other exercise and trading in the barbell for spin shoes but adding cycling into your workout regimen a few times a week can only advance your fitness. To learn more and to see these benefits for yourself start getting involved today! Come and join me every Thursday at 8:45am and Saturday, February 20th at 8:30am (I usually teach the first Saturday of the month) for an energetic SPIN ride. Thanks for reading see you in class!

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