Be Well by Cathy Siley


Make Those Resolutions!

As we welcome the New Year, many people (including myself) are jumping on the bandwagon and making resolutions.   Lose some weight, exercise more, eat better, learn to reduce stress, take better care of yourself.   All of these resolutions are admirable and the tools to accomplish these goals are right here at The Solebury Club.  But first, you must analyze what you really want and the reason for that resolution.  You can then make mindful choices to achieve your goals.  And it is most important to nurture life-long choices, not interim goals that may go by the wayside in a few weeks.

My resolution, like many, started out with “I want to lose weight.”  As we all know losing weight can be challenging and is a combination of proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle choices.  After having shoulder surgery in May I decided to give my body a break.  I was in pretty good shape when I started, did some physical therapy and healed well.  I thought taking a break would be good for me.  It was … for awhile.  Then life took over and I found that it was much easier to NOT make healthy choices than it is to make them.   Fast forward six months of minimal exercise and, well, you get it!

So MY resolution needed to be more specific than “lose some weight”, and starts by mindfully exercising at least three days a week.  Should it be more??  Yes.  But it is a start, and more importantly, it is an attainable goal that I can master when life gets back in the way of my progress.  The Solebury Club has some great classes and there are some exciting new ones on the schedule starting in January.  I will have to start back slowly, but that is ok, because all classes here can be modified to YOUR abilities.   And I know from past experience that once you start the positive benefits are immediate.

Many people need a little motivation to keep their resolutions on track, so an investment into a personal trainer may be what you need.  If you have never had a consultation with a trainer, you are entitled to your first one free!  There are introductory personal training packages starting at $199 and there are many trainers ready to get you started and keep you motivated.  There are also small group trainings available.

Resolutions that involve reducing stress can be achieved here at the club through yoga and meditation.   The Solebury Club will be hosting four separate meditation trainings starting in January, each with their own sampler class.  In addition, there will be an introduction to yoga series if you are new to yoga or would like to renew your yoga fundamentals.

And finally, if your goal is weight loss and you want someone to guide you through the entire process, the Solebury Club is offering a personalized, “No-Brainer” Weight Loss Program.  This comprehensive program will include personal trainer and nutritionist consultations as well as healthy food choices from Ash’s Kitchen.  Check out our website for more details about all of these events and much more!

So go ahead and make those resolutions and have them be life-long wellness goals.   And let The Solebury Club help you achieve them!


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