The Solebury Club welcomes Personal Trainer Dale Ruschmeyer!

Dave the trainer
The Solebury Club welcomes Personal Trainer Dale Ruschmeyer!

Certified Personal Trainer
Level 1 Cross-Fit Trainer
CPR/AED Certified

Personal Training Style: High Intensity Interval

Leisure Time Activity: Running, Fitness, Nutrition advocate, Researching heath and wellness

The start of a new journey begins with the first step…whether that be the first time you decide to make a change or the first time you put that change into action; the most important part of the journey is the effort behind it. Having been at this very first step in my journey before, I have learned from experience what it takes to comprehend and achieve my own personal goals. With that being said, I realized that helping others to achieve their own personal goals was a true passion of mine. I strive to dedicate my time and energy in providing my clients with the proper knowledge base, functional exercise regimen and straight forward nutritional facts that will help unlock the doors along the way. My sessions consist of high intensity interval training while integrating all levels of functional fitness. With dedication to make each session diverse in routine, my clients can benefit from varied muscle group stimulation and effective results! The secret science behind exercise and nutritional integration can be complex and without proper knowledge, results can be near impossible to achieve. I’ am here to help simplify the facts to help optimize your physical transformation!


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