Commit to 120 Days Per Year (But No Cheating!!) by Cathy Siley


Does the number 120 sound familiar to you?  If you have been a member of The Solebury Club for at least a year then it should!  On any given day you will see many of our members wearing  tee shirts from different years they achieved 120 Club status. But what exactly does the 120 reference mean?

The number 120 is designated by the health care industry as the number of days per year you should exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  120 days per year, which breaks down into roughly 2.5 days per week.  This is an attainable goal for most people, regardless if you exercise in the club or at home.  Whether it be for cardiovascular health, to see the beneficial changes that yoga provides, or to remember that new kata you learned in karate, there are tangible benefits (both mentally and physically) to dedicating this amount of time to exercise.

For those members who exercise with us 120 days in a calendar year, we like to reward that commitment.  In addition, there are several health insurance companies that will partially reimburse gym membership fees to those who reach that 120 day exercise goal.  Be sure to ask your insurance carrier if they support this program, and if so, to explain what the specific details are, as they vary among the different carriers.   If your insurance company provides reimbursement  we will be happy to print out a report for your documentation.

Now, just because you check in 120 times and get your free shirt doesn’t mean that you are necessarily the epitome of healthy living!   When looking at the 120 days of exercise, there is an assumption that each exercise session lasts approximately one hour.   So don’t cheat the system … Plan on 2.5 hours of exercise per week.  If you just can’t squeeze in a full hour on any given day then break it down into shorter sessions and come more often.  It isn’t rocket science … but it does take a commitment!  And don’t forget that proper nutrition & hydration, adequate sleep, and stress management all play important roles in your overall wellness picture.

Where do you stand?  Will you achieve your 120 visit goal?   If you are not sure then ask the front desk to check your number of visits.  There is still plenty of time to reach that goal!
Renew your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle one day at a time


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