Achieve Your Goals-Avoid Groundhog Day by Cathy Siley


Achieve Your Goals – Avoid Groundhog Day by Cathy Siley

Many people incorporate exercise into their management of a healthy lifestyle.  Often boasting of going to the gym 4-5 a week (or more), these motivated souls have built some pretty good habits in their daily routine.  But are they (and are YOU) re-living Groundhog Day?

The movie “Groundhog Day” is about a man who wakes up every morning re-living the exact same day over and over again.  While experiencing a slight feeling of déjà-vu at first, he then realizes that he must make changes in order for his life to proceed on a more beneficial path.  Many people who go to the gym are doing the exact same thing.  If you do the same gym routine every day, whether it is cardio, weights, or even a combination of both, YOU are not reaping the maximum benefits of exercise.

Change is difficult for most people.  Whether you just prefer to be in your comfort zone or you are confused as to how to make changes in your routine, you must “mix it up” in order to get the most out of your time at the gym.

Take a good look at your routine.  Do you only lift weights?  If so, then try some different exercises or machines.  If you are truly a creature of habit and aren’t ready to give up the comfort of that same old weight routine then at least mix it up with different numbers of sets, reps, and/or weights.   Try doing your routine in reverse order to confuse those muscles.

To mix up cardio routines try revving up the intensity and incorporating intervals.  Studies have shown that there are greater health benefits to shorter bursts of interval training than to longer, single speed cardio workouts.  Or better yet, try those intervals on a different cardio machine!

Ideally, however, a mix of cardio and strength training provides the greatest health benefit.  So add some cardio to that weight routine!  Grab some weights after that run!  Take a fitness class that provides both.  Never tried a class before?  Give it a shot, you just may love it!  If you have any concerns about limitations you may have, simply talk to the instructor and they can provide safe modifications to any of the exercises done in that class. All of our classes here at The Solebury Club can be modified to accommodate your specific needs.

And remember, most monthly members are eligible to receive a free initial consultation with one of our personal trainers.  If you haven’t received one, talk to any of the front desk staff and get yours scheduled today!

So mix it up, avoid Groundhog Day, and achieve your goals!


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