Be Well by Cathy Siley


When you hear the word wellness, what do you think?  What is wellness?  Merriam-Webster defines it as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.”  Other synonyms include fitness, healthiness, and wholesomeness.  We can all envision wellness, some of us live it.  But are you achieving your optimal wellness?

In September The Solebury Club celebrated our 10th year in the health and wellness industry.  As we move forward past this milestone, we are launching our new “Be Well” program.  Beginning this month we will highlight different aspects of wellness and make suggestions as to how to achieve them.  Every one of those aspects is an important piece of the wellness puzzle, and all are obtainable right here in our own club!

In addition to creating weekly blogs, we will give you tips and pointers to help you achieve these healthy lifestyle goals.  Some weeks there may be informational videos or activities you can take part in.  There will be occasional Facebook forums to ask questions, share successes and vent frustrations.  Some months we will interview staff and/or club members to see how their lifestyles impact their overall wellness.  You don’t have to sign up for anything, this is not a contest, and there is no cost to you the member.  Just take an active role in however you can.

So, back to the original question … What is wellness?  And how do you achieve it?  It begins with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Is doing it 50% acceptable?  Well yes, sort of, but only if that 50% effort is more than you have been doing.   It means looking at the various aspects of that lifestyle that impact your overall health.  On the physical side it will involve various combinations of cardiovascular and strength exercises, as well as stretching.  On the mental side there will be tips on stress management, motivation, and healthy habit-forming.  There is also the critical factor of nutrition.  All of these things (and many more) must be taken into consideration and are important components of developing a healthy lifestyle and ultimately, wellness.  So join us, and Be Well!


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