Healthy Persceptive by Colin Kirts


When I was in High School, I was given a list of suggestions titled 10 Points of a Spiritual Life. The author of said points is a Catholic Priest, Father Denny.

At the time, I was very much not inclined to care what a priest had to say. This reality has changed, albeit only slightly. Regardless, both then and now, I could not and cannot deny the inherent wisdom, with its radical simplicity, of Father Denny’s Points. It was easy then, and it has only become easier as time passes, to read these points outside of the context of any “ism” (i.e. Catholicism), and recognize the metaphorical validity and potency of their meaning.

With this relatively terse introduction, and without any personal interpretations (for now…), I give you Father Denny’s straightforward list. Take a moment to think about their meaning, FOR YOU. I assure you, the way you see it at first may change.

Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

1) Rise early, and center yourself.

2) Spend time with scriptures, lexio divina.

3) Embrace life, for example, eat a peach as if it were your first and last peach.

4) No extremes—balance.

5) Around mid-day, check yourself; “mid-day devil”, mid-life crisis.

6) Fast, in moderation.

7) Exercise.

8) Be poetic, find beauty in language.

9) Examine your consciousness at days end.

10) Enjoy the Sabbath (no work).

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