Rowing Techniques

It’s a total-body workout that challenges your heart, lungs, legs, core, back, lats and your mind. As one of the most effective cardio workouts available, rowing offers a variety of benefits for overall health, including aerobic capacity, which is a fancy way of saying your heart’s ability to do work.

Like other cardio equipment, the rowing machine usually has a digital screen to show your distance, calories burned, strokes per minute and more. Having these options can help you vary your workouts: are you going for time, distance, energy used, or a specific pace?

Using the rower: Before you hop on the rower, understand how to be efficient with it. Strap your feet into foot clips, set the damper (lower for less resistance), grab the handlebars wide, and roll through the ball of your foot to the heel as you press away. The handles should come to your bra-line, actually making contact with your chest. Reach the handles back as far as you can to the beginning point, keeping your chain straight (no slack).

Aerobic to anaerobic levels: It won’t take long for your lungs to feel the burn of this workout. You can keep a slower pace for longer distances, only using the aerobic fuel system of the heart and lungs. This means you can talk through it. Once you tap into the anaerobic levels, there’s no talking, just heavy, powerful breathing. Only hang out in this zone (also known as zone 3) for a short time–no more than 30 seconds for advanced levels


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