Five Steps to a Healthier Tomorrow

The precedent you set in the morning will influence the rest of your day. It may seem simple, but with the right morning mindset, you can better tackle the day’s activities. The solution to waking up healthier is as easy as 5 quick steps!

  1. After you wipe the sleep-dust out of your eyes, drink 16oz of waterWays-To-Wake-Up-Happy-Every-Morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning is a great habit to start because of its plentiful health benefits. (Read our blog “Good Morning Water” for more information).
  2. Try setting your alarm an hour (or thirty minutes) earlier so you can stretch or workout before beginning your morning routine. This will help loosen your muscles that may feel stiff from a restful sleep. It will also help to improve your circulation, de-stress, and get those feel-good endorphins going!
  3. Meal prep for the next day the night before. If you are up before the sun, you do not want to wake up any earlier than necessary, unless of course you are working out! By meal prepping, you are more likely to prepare something healthy. Also, you will wake up with one less thing to worry about!
  4. Eat your dinner slower than usual. When hunger overcomes us, it is hard to discern when we are actually full. If you eat slower than usual, this will give your body the opportunity to digest and determine if it is full or not. Another trick to help understand your appetite is to wait fifteen minutes before indulging in another meal. If you’re still hungry after, than go right ahead and enjoy!
  5. Get in the right mindset! As mentioned earlier, our morning thoughts/attitudes can influence the rest of the day. Thus, if we wake up positive, we remain positive throughout the day! Rather than letting the irritating jingle of your alarm clock set your morning mood, think about all the wonderful things you have to look forward too. Perhaps, you could count your blessings or acknowledge your accomplishments! Happiness is a state of mind!

By: Rebecca Nathan


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