For many, the Fourth of July holiday is associated with relaxing on the hot sand, bathing in the sun, and splashing in cool waters. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or cooking-out with loved ones, if you find yourself exposing any skin, it is essential you continue reading. To prepare you for all the hot babes you may encounter, here is the word on understanding the art of Flexology (that’s right, a lesson in how to make your muscles look even better!)

Lesson #1: Flexing the Biceps and Triceps flex biceps

  • Fully extend one arm out to your side.
  • Bend your elbow so that your biceps are being engaged. In order to achieve maximum flex, tighten your biceps muscles as your elbow is bending towards your body.
  • After you’ve gawked at your glorious muscle, slowly straighten your arm out once more, while keeping your biceps tight. This will cause both your biceps and triceps to become engaged. (Tip: your arm should be a pinch wider than a 90-degree angle)

Lesson #2: Flexing the Quadricepsflex quads

  • Position your hips as if you were preparing to squat (Knees shoulder-width apart and toes slightly pointed outwards).
  • Focus on the center of your thigh and tighten, or squeeze, your thigh.
  • A slight bend in the knee will enhance the flex!

Lesson #3: Flexing the Backback flex

  • Reach behind your back with both hands.
  • Clasp your hands together (as if you’re folding your hands).
  • Extend your arms to the best your mobility allows.
  • As you pull your hands down, pinch your shoulder blades back. Now you’re ready to show off those hard-earned muscles!

Did you know: It is medically proven the more you flex your muscles, the more your body will think that’s the way it should naturally look! The reason for this is because flexing any muscle on your body improves the mind-body connection, which in turn improves muscle memory. Therefore, the more you flex, the more your body will think that’s the way you should naturally look.

By: Rebecca Nathan


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