Confidence Boosting 101

We are all entitled to an occasional bad mood (or two), right? Life is not always providing us with the lemons we need to make thirst-quenching lemonade, especially when we want it the most. There may be no ripe lemons, but there are seeds you can buy that will eventually sprout into a bountiful lemon tree through patience, nurture, and love. The point is… everyone deserves to be happy, to feel good in his/her skin, and to radiate confidence. Sometimes we all need a helping hand to guide us in the right direction, which is why I’ve created seven steps guaranteed to get you smiling!

#1: Mirror compliments– As you’re getting ready for work, take a few minutes to look in the mirror and truly appreciate yourself. While you are gazing at that wonderful face, say a few compliments! Every morning I wake up, look myself in the eye, and say ‘Girl, you look great in that shirt.’ Sometimes I’ll even say, ‘You’re going to rock it today. Today is your day.’ Wake up confident, fall asleep happier.

#2: 5 likes– Now that you’ve flattered yourself, it’s time to list exactly what differentiates you. Make a habit of saying five things every single day that you like about yourself or things you do really well. My list of five today looks like this: 1) You have a pretty laughingsmile 2) Your makeup looks superb today 3) You had such a great workout today 4) I am so fortunate for the people in my life 5) I have a great job!

#3: Actively strive to create a positive from a negative There’s an expression, ‘After every rainstorm there is a rainbow.’ Similar to this popular saying, every negative thing that happens in your life has a positive component.

  • Negative: My car is acting up and needs immediate maintenance (very true)
  • Positive: I am very fortunate to have a car

#4: Dress for success (how you’re comfortable)- Feel good in your skin and clothes! Perhaps today is the day you wear your favorite blue blouse and pants that make your tush look good! A general rule of thumb: if your clothes look good, you look good!

#5: Hair styling (Men style their hair too believe it or not…) A good hairstyle just may be the fix you need! Build confidence by styling your hair differently and see if anyone notices!

#6: Eat a good meal Nothing makes you feel more confident than having a healthy treat! Some foods that are rich in essential fatty acids and known for boosting serotonin levels are leafy greens, almonds, oatmeal and dark chocolate. Essential fatty acids and serotonin levels influence mood!

#7: Smile, smile and smile some more! When I was a young child, I learned this really cool trick. When you fake a smile, almost always a real smile follows! Don’t believe me? Right now, fake a really big smile a couple of times. I bet you actually smiled afterwards! It also works on others! (Whenever I want to make someone smile, I do this trick! 100% success rate!)

*Reminder: Don’t be afraid of talking in the third person! Only you can hear/see you!

By: Rebecca Nathan


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