Sugar, You are No Friend of Mine!

kick-junk-foodSugar is similar to an angry ex-lover. Once you’ve had your fill and decide to change your ways, it keeps sneaking up on you, tempting you to cheat your new lifestyle, and simply won’t let you go. Weening yourself off sugar is no easy feat. Sugar is in the vast majority of foods we’re used to consuming and the reality is too few shoppers actually look at the ingredient labels to check. According to medical experts, Americans consume on average 130 pounds of sugar every single year! That’s roughly about 2,356 packs of M&M’s or 63,602 M&M pieces. Wow! The end to your sugar high is just around the bend. All you have to do is implement these 4 simple tips to curb your sugar craze!

#1. Admit it. The first step to overcoming any craving or obstacle requires acknowledgement. Accept that you need to kick this bad habit so you can begin walking down the healing road.

#2. Check the signsSigns of addiction:

  • You get irritable or cranky without your sugar fix
  • You crave sugary items such as (but not limited to) candy or soda
  • You get defensive when people suggest eliminating sugar from your diet

#3: Play detective. Sugar is often hidden in plain sight. Our favorite foods, drinks, or snacks may be packing the sugar. Play detective and check your fridge/pantry for sugar lurking on those nutrition labels. If you can muster the will power, it is best to get rid of high-sugar foods to avoid any temptations.

#4: Respond appropriately. When the urge to consume a sugary snack begins, there are two things that can help reduce the craving. First, water is a great detox, but it will also give your body a full-feeling so the need to eat sugar goes away. Secondly, cinnamon is a good substitute for sugar because it is naturally sweet. Rather than grab that candy bar, make a batch of cinnamon tea!

P.S. It is more than okay to eat sugar every once in a while! However, just like almost everything, appropriate consumption is key!

Are you sugar-free? Tell me about your lifestyle change!

By: Rebecca Nathan


3 thoughts on “Sugar, You are No Friend of Mine!

  1. I always find the craving to have something sugary the highest after dinner. To overcome this, I’ve made some treats with no sugar which can be viewed on my blog!


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