“Maybe later, Fitness”

excuses comicHave you ever tried to yank the covers off another so he/she can join you in an exercise? If you have, you would know the struggle with convincing a sleepy, aching, or lethargic body to pump some iron. Just for fun, we have devised a top-eight list of our favorite and most common gym excuses so you can be prepared the next time excuses come spewing out!

#8: ‘I get hurt too easily or have health issues.’ It’s your lucky day, my friend! Every single workout can be scaled to meet your individualized needs and personal goals.

#7: ‘The weather is too bad.’ You know… one major bonus from going to a gym is that it comes equipped with a roof to protect you against any inclement weather! If the roads are hazardous, stay in the safety of your home and pop in a fitness tape (or DVD rather since tapes are becoming obsolete) or google a great at-home workout!

#6: ‘I don’t want to get big (muscles).’ Believe it or not, it is quite difficult to build significant body mass. Many females lack the appropriate hormonal structure to get those big muscles, although it is not impossible to do! On the male front, well, it is rare that a guy would complain about big muscles!

#5: ‘Can’t get away from watching the kids.’ A great way to get in some exercise while spending time with your kids is to include them! If your child is very young, you can pick him/her up and down, which simulates the Olympic weightlifting movement called the clean. It is fun for your child and a great workout for you! (Stay tuned for Mommy, Daddy and I at-home workouts!)

#4: ‘I’m too tired, have no energy, or too sore’ When you engage in physical activity, your blood starts circulating and those happy-feelings start accumulating. When you exercise, those feel-good hormones, which are called endorphins, are produced. Endorphins work wonders on your energy level!

#3: ‘My show is on tonight…’ When you wait days for your show to come on, the infamous cliffhanger at the end of the episode is enough to drive you crazy! So why not let a show or two clog your DVR so you can binge watch your show? Back-to-back enjoyment without a week’s wait!

#2: I just don’t feel like it.’ Perhaps you’re just not in the mood to work out and that’s perfectly fine! However, when you do exercise, your mood and stress levels improve! Did I mention boost your energy as well?

#1: ‘I don’t have time!’ Yeah, yeah we’ve all been given or used this popular line one-too-many times. Physical fitness can be squeezed into any busy-bee’s schedule! Juggling multiple responsibilities is not easy, which is why at-home and in-office exercises are the best remedy for any stress you may be experiencing. Have fifteen minutes before your next appointment? Great! Do some calisthenics and get your juices flowing!

Did I miss any? Drop a comment!

By: Rebecca Nathan


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