Think Water to Drink!

Perhaps you understand that you need to drink water, but do you know why? Water: We use it as a natural fertilizer, we shower with it, we consume it, and we use it for everyday chores like cleaning the dishes, ironing our clothes, or washing our cars. The benefits of water are boundless, so here are Four Fun Facts about drinking water.water

  • Fact #1: Three-fourths of your body is comprised of water. That’s right, 75% of the human body is water! Well to be anatomically correct, the brain is 75% water, your blood is 92% water, bones 22%, and muscles are 75% water (CDC 2011). Therefore, when engaging in any physical activity such as exercise, it is essential to replenish the water you’re sweating out! In fact, according to medical experts, the average adult loses roughly 10 cups of water every single day just by breathing and sweating alone!
  • Fact #2: Water can speed up your metabolism. Water helps to maintain the regulation of body fluids such as digestion and body temperature. Water also is responsible for transporting nutrients and creating saliva.
  • Fact #3: Water acts as a stress reliever. When your body is running close to “E” on water, your brain sends a signal to let you know you’re thirsty. Many people do not realize when dehydration or thirst occurs, both your body and mind are experiencing stress. Drinking water periodically throughout the day can alleviate any possible signs or symptoms of stress.
  • Fact #4: Water gives you energy! Along with causing stress, dehydration can make you feel tired and fatigued. By drinking water, you can boost your energy level. How does this happen you wonder? Water helps the blood transport oxygen and other vital nutrients throughout the body.  Recharge with water!

Did you know: If you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

Has water helped transform your life? Tell us in a comment!

By: Rebecca Nathan


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